Hire Service

Since the majority of our rental products are designed in-house and patented by us, we are able to provide excellent solutions to our clients. Often, we tailor our solutions based on a combination of different products we offer, along with the specific and unique requirements of our clients. These solutions are then made from our exiting produce and partly produced in our own fabrication factory if it is necessary to meet our clients' needs, earning their recognition and positive feedback.

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Hire Equipments

Loading Platform

Available Widths
  • 2.2M
  • 3.2M
Galvanised Surface
Retractable System
Easy to install
Effective solution for handling


Protect your workers and surroundings with Adguard , our advanced perimeter protection mesh system, available in both standard and custom designs.


Ensure safety with Speedfence , our quick and versatile solution for temporary fencing needs.

Light Guard

Illuminate your workspace with our Light Guard solutions, enhancing visibility and safety during nighttime operations.


Keep your worksite secure with Skybarrier, a comprehensive fall prevention system designed to meet the highest safety standards.

Stanchion Edge Protection

Foldable Stairs