Concrete slab chair

This product is specifically designed for concrete slab in controlling concrete finished levels and can be used to hold suspended formwork for rebates, stepdown.

Height adjustable:



160g per unit


50pcs per box
20 boxes per pallet


  • Adjust the chair to desired height.
  • Apply adequate chairs to ensure all the timber beams are held securely in applied area.
  • Drive 3 timber screw at 3 foots on formwork plywood.
  • Nail/screw the timber securely to L shape top.


  • Fast operate.
  • The platform includes three holes to prevent air from being trapped inside.
  • The three small dots on each of the three legs ensure that the plastic item is discreetly concealed from view from lower slab.

Product test:

In accordance with the real usage scenario, the chair is securely fastened to formwork plywood using screws, with a 1.5-meter-long LVL beam positioned on top. Regardless of its height adjustment, the chair maintains a consistent height. Under full-open conditions, applying pressure of up to 94kg results in a deformation of 5mm, while under full-close conditions, the same pressure causes a 5mm deformation. Remarkably, even when subjected to a pressure of 230kg, the structure did not collapse but underwent significant deformation. Upon pressure removal, approximately 95% of its original shape was restored.