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Painted/Galvanized Scaffold Tue, 25 Jul 2017
Products Item No. Name Description Size Approx. Weight Details
 1010XX  Standard  Vertical standards sit on scaffolding jacks. Ledgers, transoms and diagonal braces connect to these standards. The spigot on top enables another standard to be put on top to reach target heights.  0.3-3.0m 1.7-17.7Kg
 1020XX   Ledger  Ledger connects between two standards to give width to scaffold bay.  0.7m-3.0m 3.6--11.9Kg
 1030XX  Transom  Transoms connect between two standards to give depth to the scaffold bay. The depth of the bay determines how many steel planks can be laid down as a platform for working on.  0.5m-2.4m 4.2--27.1Kg
 1031XX   Ladder transom  Ladder access transoms enable aluminium ladders to be placed within a scaffold bay.  0.7/1.2 m 5.6--7.9Kg
 1032xx   Transom truss  See Details  1.8/2.4 m 18.5 / 49.5 kg
 1040xx  Diagonal Brace  Diagonal braces connect two standards together in a single scaffold bay to provide strenth and stability to the bay.  1.7m-3.6m 7.0-14.3kg
 107001  One Board Hopup  thickness 5mm, Green Printed/ Galvanized  width 280mm 2.3Kg
 107002  Two Board Hopup  thickness 5mm, Green Printed/ Galvanized  width 510mm 6.1Kg
 107003  Three Board Hopup  thickness 5mm, Green Printed/ Galvanized  width 740mm 10.5Kg
 1080XX  Tie bar  Tie bars are used to connect two hopup brackets width ways to provide strength and stability to the hopup platform created. They also lock in the steel plank being used as the external working platfor  0.7m-3.0m 2.0--8.0Kg
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