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timber beams Tue, 25 Jul 2017
Products Item No. Name Description Size Approx. Weight Details
 CF- CB-240  Climbing Formwork  used in pouring concrete of piers, high buildings, and so on  
 CF- QPMX-50  Auto-climbing Formwork  The lifting power of the Formwork QPMX-50 comes from its hydraulic system, which includes the oil cylinder and commutator. Through the functioning of hydraulic system, the steel rail and the bracket c  
 CF-DXB-180&240  Climbing Formwork  The climbing formwork DXB-180&240 are mainly used in concrete pouring of dam, pier, guy anchor, concrete protecting wall, tunnel, and underground workshop, etc.  
 CF-GJ190  Climbing Formwork  Climbing bracket GJ190 is mainly used as operating platform during construction. It can be used in the vertical wall and arced wall as well.  
 CF-PJ-200&240  Climbing Formwork  The climbing formwork PJ200 & 240 are widely used in the concrete pouring of piers, high-rise buildings, and so on.  
 CF-PS50  Climbing Protection Panel  The system has a hydraulic system as its source of power, and it can climb by itself, independent of cranes.  
 CF-ZPM-100  Auto-climbing Formwork  The lifting power of the Auto-climbing Formwork System ZPM-100 comes from the hydraulic system, which includes the oil cylinder and commutator. The steel rail and the bracket can climb alternately, an  
 H20  timber beam  permissible bending moment of 5KN?m and shear force of 11KN.  200*80*Any lengh 5.05Kg/m
 H20a  Timber Beams with End Caps  designed four kinds of end caps for customers to choose, Plastic Cap (entirely covered),Plastic Cap (partly covered) ,Steel Cap (entirely covered,Steel Cap (partly covered) )  200*80*Any length 5.05Kg/m
 SF-LJJ  Beam Clamp  Beam clamp is one instrument for supporting the beam formwork.  
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