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LYTA Mesh use on jobs                
LYTA Mesh Designed not allow scaffolding tubes go through the mesh      

LYTA Mesh is designed primarily as a scaffolding protection mesh. It replaces Chain wire + Shade cloth on scaffolding. The target of this product is to reduce scaffolding protection mesh cost and reduce hazard of fire on scaffolding.

 It complies with following Australian Standard and Government Regulations:
-       AS2001.2.4
-        AS1891.1
-       WH & SR 2008 P20 (Queensland Government)

This is excellent product. It gives such good benefit to customers. LYTA Mesh can save you 70% per job. Because:

Big save on Installation

-       LYTA Mesh installation cost only 20%-30% compare to normal chain and shade installation.

Durable Designed

-       It is designed reuse many times. After one job use, only 50% Chain wire + Shade cloth can reuse one more time. It maximum last two jobs. Other type of meshes can last on the average 3 jobs and maximum 5 jobs. LYTA mesh can last more jobs if it is properly used. This is another big save to customers.  

Fire Retardant

-       Welding is one of the hazards for scaffolding in high raise buildings. It often causes fire of scaffolding mesh. LYTA Mesh is un-flammable product.

Multiple Uses

-       This product has different sizes. 1.9m size is used for normal scaffolding protection. 1m size can use it on top scaffolding deck or replace scaffolding brickguards. It can be used as fencing and other areas.

Transport and Storage Easy

-       LYTA Mesh can easily overlap or fold back. There are no bulky corners and laps. It takes small space on transport and storage.

Colour: Blue & Green are the basic colours. We can supply other colour according to customer orders.

Size and applications



AZL Code


Designed Application

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Replace mesh guard, top level scaffolding








Replace chain & Shade


Product Test
This product is tested and proved qualified by following Australian organizations:
1.    Building Construction Test Laboratory

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